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Interiors Inspiration: Tableware Trends

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From rustic to formal, traditional to contemporary, there are endless tableware and cutlery designs and looks to explore this year. This year in particular, we noticed a return toward minimalism in dinnerware design, as well as an interest in dramatic shapes and colours.

Interiors Inspiration: Tableware Trends

The appeal of slow living and the hygge lifestyle can be seen in the explosion of current tableware designs. As we spend more time socialising around the table and communing over meals and cuppas, our crockery is becoming more artful and elaborate. Our new rituals and renewed interest for food making and home entertaining require coffee mugs, espresso cups, cappuccino mugs, tea mugs, miso bowls, noodle bowls, dessert bowls, pasta bowls, salad bowls, dinner plates, side plates, dessert plates ... It's the new fashion. 

An interesting, handpicked set of ceramics that accentuates the dining space, as well as your table setting is a beautiful way to create atmosphere on and around the table. The pure white dinner set just won't do anymore. 

Interiors Inspiration: Tableware Trends

Experiment with tone-on-tone ceramics in a variety of constrasts. ​Millennial pink and sweet lavender are but two of the huge colours of the moment that have transferred from interiors and fashion into tableware trends. Their soft, pure quality will not overpower the dishes and will add interest to your table setting. 

Interiors Inspiration: Tableware Trends

Texture is another noticeable trend in tableware. Marble is an important interiors trend, and marble dinnerware is a contemporary and stylish touch for the table. 

Nothing adds more glamour to your table as a touch of gold cutlery. Brushed, warm metallics, especially when combined with marbleware is the ultimate in luxury dining in restaurants around the world. Gold cutlery can also accompany a pared back set of stoneware in earthy tones or bamboo tableware for a unique, modern rustic look. 

Interiors Inspiration: Tableware Trends

These tableware trends will help showcase your tasty dishes and have your guests excited about your next dinner party. 

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The Lust List blog by HAUS Concept Store has received multiple nominations and wins from AMARA Blog Awards and IRELAND Blog Awards since 2016.