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Christmas Inspiration: Gifts for Hosts

Christmas giftguides gifts for her

Christmas Inspiration: Gifts for Hosts

 Image: Bloomingville

Though a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates is always a nice gesture, you need not resort to the old petrol station standard gift just because you’re short on time. It's the season of the Christmas parties, so whether it's a pre-Christmas lunch brunch, a decadent dinner party or a weekend at a friend's house, show your appreciation with a one-of-a-kind gift. 

We've put together a little giftguide for perfect presents for the hostess with the mostest here ... 


1. Herb blends for cooking or teas 

This is an easy one to create from dried herbs from your kitchen cupboard. Think of what your host likes, make a blend, package it nicely, and here you are, a beautiful, personalised, thoughtful gift that doesn't break the bank and is sure to impress your host. 



2. Candles, candles, candles

Just lots of candles in nice candlesticks. It's really hard to choose a nice scent that the host will enjoy, so instead of the typical scented candles, buy a nice bunch of dinner candles and a couple of candlesticks, which are just the thing for all those candlelit Christmas dinners. 

Christmas Inspiration: Gifts for Hosts Image: Broste Copenhagen 

3. A potted plant that they can keep for years, instead of a nearly dying bouquet from the shop. 

Christmas Inspiration: Gifts for Hosts

  Image: Hubsch  

4. A meal ingredients pack or a healthy hamper for breakfast. You know your host is a keen cook and a big foodie; his/her dinner parties are famous for a reason. Give the gift of food right back with an interesting meal ingredients pack for a dish they adore are dying to try. Alternatively, come along to the party with a breakfast pack they can dig into the morning after the mighty party. Assemble a basket with everything the tired host family need to start the day off right: lovely gourmet coffee or tea, fresh fruit, bakery scones, butter, and really good jam.

5. Aaaand..., last but not least, a cocktail mix and utensils box. This should always be a winner.  

Christmas Inspiration: Gifts for Hosts

 Image: Nordal

Sometimes, it's really hard to think of a really thoughtful gift beyond the flowers and wine variety. Which is why gifting, especially at Christmas, where you need to think of a dozen presents for a dozen different people and personalities, can be a source of anxiety. In addition, many of us confuse the cost of a gift with the value of the sentiment behind it.  But, again, especially at Christmas, gifts are meant to be throughful, practical and long-lasting, we think. So say our friends at IMAGE Interiors & Living: "Ditch the formulaic chocolate and wine, and thrill your host with a thoughtful gift this year". Pictured here is their selection of unique table and home gifts, which includes our white marble and pearl detail cutting/serving board. 

They say that the best gifts should be considered and emotionally resonant. We believe we have just the right mix of thoughtful and trendy on home-lust.com. We offer a curated hand-picked collection of designer and luxury products that are both unique and versatile, at affordable prices. 

Here is a selection of home-lust.com gifts with a difference that are both elegant and sensibly priced, and certain to get you an invitation for Christmas parties next year: 

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The Lust List blog by HAUS Concept Store has received multiple nominations and wins from AMARA Blog Awards and IRELAND Blog Awards since 2016.